Who’s that girl?


It all started here, long before I was born, when my mom decided I would be named after a little fictitious Crimean city poetically described by Nabokov in one of his shorts stories called « Spring in Fialta ».

« I am fond of Fialta; I am fond of it because I feel in the hollow of those violaceous syllables the sweet dark dampness of the most rumpled of small flowers, and because the altolike name of a lovely Crimean town is echoed by its viola; and also because there is something in the very somnolence of its humid lent that especially anoints one’s soul »

not bald


I was born in Canada in a French family with an artist mom, a handy man and i-can-make-everything dad and later, a little brother who was convinced he was prince Ali from Aladdin and we had to dress him up every night after school (I was in charge of making him a feather, a turban and tying his cape…basically everything)




My mom, queen of thrift stores which she has affectionate and ironical nicknames for, always makes amazing finds which, combined with her natural chic, make everyone envious when she tells them the price of her outfit (which embarrassed me to death when I was a teenager!) My dad can build anything; he makes all of my mom’s crazy ideas (and his!). I like to think I combined their qualities (and my dad’s flaws… the hate for finishing touches) and that this blog is a little tribute to them!



When I was little (and to this day) I was OBSESSED with tiny things, miniatures. I created little mini houses for my even smaller inhabitants. The passion continues here with my mini Valentino bag:



I wouldn’t say I’m actually “creative” but I love to be inspired by clothes, jewels and other objects to create my own original versions without spending fortunes (Designer DIY … over here!)

What I really want to do is inspire others and show them it’s possible (and not so hard!) so create, transform and make beautiful things (starting from almost nothing!)

My “golden rule” is that all the DIYs I post are things I actually use and love… not just post pretexts for publishing articles!

contact: springinfialtablog@gmail.com

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