DIY Doctor kit

DIY doctor kit for kids

For about a minute my oldest son started showing interest in taking care of his dinosaurs so I jumped on the occasion to make a DIY doctor Kit for him!

While looking for “nude” fabric to make the band-aids… I thought about the new crayol colors of the world* markers and got inspired to make a variety of skin tones for his band aids!

I added a stethoscope I made with en embroidery hoop and threw in some old medicine bottles in a cute little Red Cross pouch!

The steps to make the bandaids are pretty easy:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric in the shape of a big band aid – mine are 4 cm x 15 cm (If I had to remake them I’d make them a bit longer)
  2. Cut up a small white rectangle (I used leftover jersey)
  3. Place the little rectangle on one of your bandaid pieces (right side) and zig-zag stitch around it
  4. Put one piece of velcro on one side and a the other piece on the opposite side of the other piece, like this:
DIY Dr. kit

Then sew right sides together, leaving a small opening to flip it right sides out

Sew closed with an invisible stitch, and voila!

DIY inclusive Dr Kit

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