DIY fabric vegetables that grow with your bump

When I was pregnant with Gabin during the pandemic, I got this idea of sewing little fruits and vegetables for my oldest to play with that would represent the size of the baby growing in my belly.

I had so much fun imagining these little fruits and vegetables (almost) every week. Little objects to connect my son with the baby growing inside me (even the second time around it’s still WILD to think someone was GROWING in there)

And now Gabin is one and has started playing with them.

I’m not crying you’re crying

Before we start

I selected a few vegetables here to illustrate the different “techniques” I used but don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions

I used kapok to stuff them up, it’s a natural non toxic plant fiber

All the fabrics used we’re scraps so I don’t have any links to fabrics

  • Cut two pieces like in the first picture
  • fold them in half, right sides together and sew the rounded part
  • Place the two obtained pieces right sides together and sew all around, leaving an opening
  • turn right side out and sew opening
  • Sew 20mm wooden beads (*affiliate link) to the bottom one by one
  • Cut 4 oval shapes in the beige fabric
  • Assemble the pieces right sides together to create a ball shape leaving one side open
  • Flip inside out
  • Create long green tubes
  • Insert little cotton threads in the bottom to make little roots
  • Sew the opening closed with the long tubes inside
  • Cut two pieces in a “cilli shape”
  • sew them right sides together leaving the top open and stuff
  • flip right sides out
  • To create the little “hat” sew two hexagon shaped pieces together (sew all around)
  • Cut a hole through the center of ONE SIDE and flip your shape through that hole
  • make a tiny little tube and flip the bottom towards the inside
  • Hand sew the little hat to the top of the chili and add the little tail to the top
  • Cut 3 drop shape and assemble them the create the center (kind of like for the onion)
  • Flip and fill
  • Create a bunch of little leaves, I made them different sizes, some of them with a small “v” at the top (you make them by cutting identical pieces and sewing them right sides together, flipping them from the bottom opening)
  • Place the leaves on your central piece starting from the top with the smaller leaves.
  • Hand sew them one by one going down one row at a time alternating spaces
  • you can tighten the bottom of the opening before adding the last leaves
  • Create the little tip by cutting a circle and a rectangle and assembling them right sides together and flipping + filling
  • Hand sew to the bottom
  • Cut three identical pieces shaped like the first photo
  • Assemble and leave an opening in the side
  • Flip + fill
  • Sew opening shut
  • Using thread and a needle create little know going all the way through your potato and tighten
  • The turnip is very similar to the onion. I created a two toned fabric by joining two pieces (white and purple) and the cutting by pieces on there
  • For the leaves I hand drew some leaves and then added them to the top just like the onion
  • Trace one large with circle
  • and hand sew all along to create pleats
  • tighten and fill
  • Just like the potato, create some small knots and tighten
  • create 5 large leaves that you sew to the bottom
  • Add a circle and hand sew to the bottom

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  • Alison , Direct link to comment

    WOW, I barely have enough time to read about how you made these so am all the more impressed by the thought and love you put into making this adorable set of veggies. Gabin’s brother must be that much more “ahead” (of lettuce?) of his peers in terms of science and understanding!! Bravo! Kudos for recycling your scraps of fabric too. Keeps them out of landfill!

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