How to make a baby swing

We were looking for a gift idea for or son’s first birthday. I got this idea from Pinterest et here are the steps we followed to make it. It was so nice to prepare something with my husband for our Elliot (who enjoyed it about 5 times in the last year…). Since then our second son has really been enjoying it (it’s actually him on the photos)

If you know me you know we really strive to reduce our consumption of new objects to a minimum so this swing was made with a thrifted curtain!!

What you need

  • a curtain of some upholstery fabric
  • Padding
  • Optionnal : fusible interfacing to stiffen your fabric
  • Enough rope to tie to the ceiling (about 6 m)
  • 8 20 mm wooden beads *(affiliate link)
  • 40 mm (1,5 inches) wooden dowel


  • sewing machine
  • drill
  1. Cut all of your pieces, 2 in the fabric 1 in the padding for each part. I used interfacing on one of each of the fabric pieces

2. Sew right sides together + padding leaving an opening on the Little sides for the back and front pieces

3. Assemble your pieces like this:

The biggest piece rights sides together + padding. And on each of the longest sides to back and front pieces.

Sew all around leaving an opening to flip your work

4. Cut 4 pieces of your wooden dowel 40 cm and pierce holes on each end 4 cm from the ends.

5. Fold over each end of your swing to have enough room to insert your dowels. Pin in place and sew.

6. Cut your pieces of rope to the desired length to tie to the ceiling and insert them like this, adding to beads to make the back higher like this:

The get something like this:

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