DIY BOHO dress (No pattern)

If you’re like me, you have your head full of DIY ideas… but the fear of going through with them just stays with you forever preventing you from making what you want!!

It was the case with this dress… I don’t know what I was waiting for!! I went for it and (ok it’s a tiiinyy bit too small) but it went FINE and I’m SO HAPPY with how it turned out!! It really feels like the Faithful the brand or Reformation dresses I’ve been dreaming of!

Boho dress DIY

What you need

  • 2m of flow fabric (assez pour faire ma robe et me tromper pour le haut et recommencer!)
  • 3m of bias tape
  • sewing machine and thread
  • long invisible zipper (about 50 cm)
  • courage and motivation!


Click on the images to make them bigger

  1. Trace a t-shirt you already own (that has a bit of a loose fit). Trace until where your waistline would be. For the back pieces trace the back as is (but cut in half to have two pieces to put the zipper) add seam allowances
  2. For the front, Use your back pieces but add a long piece to create a deep v neckline
  3. Place the pieces rights sides together and join sides and sleeves (image 4)
  4. To make the hem around the necking I used this method
  5. You end up with a kind of t-shirt. Try it on yourself and pin the neckline in place (depending on your desired decolleté)


  1. Create your own pattern. Just measure your waistline and divide by 4. Take a big piece of paper (or tape papers together). Trace the top line and the bottom line and join sides to create your pattenr.
  2. Cut 4 times (leaving a seam allowance)

Assemble your 4 pieces side to side.

Create a belt the same length as the top of your skirt

About 10 cm wide to fold in half and sew right sides together with your skirt. Then join your two end pieces of your skirt from bottom to top leaving an opening for your zipper.

You end up with something like this


Try it on and pin in place

Then sew your zipper in the back

That’s about it!

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