DIY 3 pairs of large earrings

I’ve really been back into making jewelry these days. I find there’s mire and more quality material to create quality pieces that will last! I had fun creating these 3 pairs, super easy to make they are all perfect for beginners!

DIY earrings

1. Sézane inspired earrings

They are iunfortunately not avaiable anymore on the sezane website so you’ll just have to make your own!

Sezane earring DIY
What you need

Using pliers, insert the rings in each of the fan’s openings to which you attach a small piece of chan. then tie to the earring… that’s IT!

2. DIY face earrings

Theses earrings were everywhere… here’s the DUY version. SO easy to make and makes beautiful shades in the sun…

Inspiration : Paola Vilas Open House Jessalyn Brooks et Jean Cocteau
What you need

Simply open un slightly the hook on the end of the earring findings and slip the face in… voila!

3. DIY Geometric earrings

I think these are my favorite.. I’ve been wearing them non stop this summer!

DIY geometric earring
What you need

Using a ring, attach the round sequins to each end of your “U”, attach the “U” to the earring findings (it comes with a small ring you can open)

The items used were purchased by me on the perles & co website, all links are affiliate, allowing me to touch a small percentage to enable me to continue to create content!

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