DIY striped one-piece swimsuit (mommy and baby!)

Making myself a striped one-piece swimsuit was already dream… but making my baby a matching one..? I have no words.

These two swimsuits were tried and tested during our trip to the Dominican Republic and i can tell you they really held up!

I made them pretty quickly before I left (hence the lack of precise step by step photos) But here’s what I have to serve as a guide!J

DIY one-piece swimsuit

To make this DIY one-piece swimsuit I used the pattern Lucien by Wissew That I slightly altered

First I lined my whole swimsuit because my fabric was mainly white and I didn’t want nay surprises!

Then I had to reduce the decolleté. I made a first try and honestly you could almost see my belly button. When I cut it again, I made the whole suit a bit longer because I thought it was a bit tight.



  • 1,5h max


The original pattern does not require lining but here are the steps I follower

  1. Print and cut out patter Lucien by Wissew, I didn’t want a differetn strap so I taped the small part to the front of the swimsuit pattern.
  2. Cut out your pieces on the fold (fabric and lining)
  3. Assemble your two “swimsuits” separetely at the shoulders and crotch(with just a straight stitch)

Thwn I followed this tutotial to assemble the two together. (I didn’t respect the 75% thing on the bum I just went with 25 all around)

I was a bit worried making this swimsuit but I am SUPER happy with it and it was really easy!!

DIY Baby swimsuit

In this case I traced one of elliot’s swimsuits and made the arms and legs longer to protect him from the sun. I didn’t line it because…. he’s a baby and wearing a diaper.

You could also give this pattern a try!


  • not even 0,5 m of swimsuit fabric
  • a big plastic zipper (25 cm)
  • thread, needle, sewing machine

Time : 1h


  1. I traces this little swimsuit to get 2 sleeves and two identical pieces (front and back) then I cut the back piece in half
  2. I then assembled the pieces as shown on the first picture and sewed them together. On the back pieces, sew together from the bottom on about 10 cm. (picture 2)
  3. Place your swimsuit right sides together so the front and back are on top of each other (image 2) and sew all along from the sleeve to the ankle.
  4. To create space for baby’s big diaper, cut a piece of fabric in the shape of a lemon and sew inside the crotch (images 3-4-5-6)
  5. Sew zipper in the back. I added a little collar, a simple fabric strip (fold ed in half) assembled right sides together with a zig zag stitch (image 7)
  6. I added little cuffs on the ankles the tighten a bit (images 8-9). Assemble right sides together with zig zag stich)
  7. I simply hemmed the ends of the arms.


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