DIY pegboard

DIY entryway pegboard

DIY pegboard

Woohoo a new decor DIY! I KNOW it implies using a drill but i PROMISE you can do it! I used to run when DIYs used power tools but I’ve slowly learned to use tools and it’s not that scary!

I’ll take you with me step by step in the creation of this DIY pegboard for your entryway, your room, or anywhere else! It’s super quick and very easy!

You can check out my inspiration pinterest board to see what you like. 

You needL

  • a wood panel (I used a precut 24 x 48 inch)
  • a wood dowel 1/2 inch diameter (cut in 8 pieces)
  • small wood 12 inch planks to make the shelves(like this) 
  1. Trace your lines on the board to create a grid. With my 24’x 28′ in i traces lines leaving 6 inchs between eat to have 4 holes x 6 holes

2) Once you have your grid, use your drill to drill holes with the same diameter as your dowel (here 1/2 in). Drill nice and straight to make holes at each intersection.


3) Erase the lines with an eraser and start decorating!


Pegboard entree DIY-10
Pegboard entree DIY-15

You can change the decor with the seasons

Pegboard automne-7
Pegboard automne-5

glasses : Shinywood (here)
white case: Boutique Vestibule (here)
plants: Vertuose (similar here)
Amsterdam poster : Boutique Boucle et papier by Rifle paper co
Candles : DIY here

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