DIY two piece dress using a men’s shirt

DIY two-piece dress with a men's shirt

I already made a tutorial for a two-piece dress with a men’s shirt last year but I loved it so much I made a new version this summer! When I saw this shirt I knew I HAD to make something out of it!!

It’s super quick to make just go raid your dad/husband/boyfriend/brother’s closet!

This version is even easier than last year (but the top maybe isn’t as nice?) Let me know what you think!

miami 2017 - art deco-5

1- Start with your shirt, at least size L. Cut a straight line from arm pit to arm pit.

couper chemise

I made a small hem at the top to make it nicer

diy jupe avec chemise

2. To make the skirt, Simply add a wide elastic that you cut about 7 cm shorter than your waist size (make sure it stretches enough to go around the length of the skirt but still feel tight/loose enough)

Place the elastic on the skirt with the 4 equal parts align with the 4 parts of the skirt (to make the gather equal all around)

diy jupe avec chemise-3

3- Make a ziz-zag stitch all around while pulling on the elastic as you go. The skirt is done!

4- Now take the sleeves.

DIY robe deux piece avec chemise-3

5-Place them like this and fold the open sides onto themselves (this is the shoulder-arm pit part). Put a pieces of elastic inside going from one sleeve to the other (leave a small opening at the top (check the sizing on yourself)

DIY robe deux piece avec chemise-6

6- In the small opening at the top, insert a piece of cord (I doubled mine) going from one to the other (check the length on yourself)

Sew everything in place

Etapes top chemise

7- Check the length on yourself and cut the sleeve to the desired length to be able to tie in the front. Fold the extremities onto themselves and sew.

Etapes top chemise-3

8- This is what you should get!

Etapes top chemise-2

DIY two piece dress with a men's shirt

DIY two piece dress with a men's shirt

miami 2017 - art deco disctrict south beach

DIY two piece dress with a men's shirt miami 2017 - art deco-2

DIY two piece dress with a men's shirt

miami - art deco-disctrictsouth beach




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