DIY one piece swimsuit (deep V)

DIY maillot une piece facile

Who remembers one of my very first DIYs back in the day? Very similar to this one… except it was a bit of a failed not wearable version.

That article disappeared when my blog got hacked and I chose not to reupload it since it wasn’t working so great and I never wore it. I really want to share tutorials of projects I actually use/wear and that one just wasn’t one of those.

maillot noir inspiration

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But I wanted to try again and this time I got it right! I wore it all week in Miami (my weird tan can testify!) in the pool and in the ocean!

In my initial tutorial I had used a bikini bottom I already owned so you could totally do that using a high waisted bottom! I decided to use the Nora pattern from petit patron since I already had it (Try to win yours at the end of the article!!)
The pattern isn’t available anymore  but maybe this one or this one could work!

I simply followed the instructions using black lycra from perles & co (1 meter is enough for a size 36). I used black bikini lining from my local fabric store.

  1. Start by making your high waisted bikini bottom (I made a size 36) and symply used lycra (instead of an elastic) to make the waist band. Make sure to use zig-zag stitches at the thigh and the waist band to get a good stretch!

DIY maillot une piece-2

DIY maillot une piece-7 DIY maillot une piece-8

2. Then you need to cut out 2 triangles (approximately this shape and measures). I made them too big to be able oto adjust them on myself. You see the bottom of the triangles are approximately the size of the whole front of the bikini bottom (to be able to scrunch it up a bit)

DIY maillot une piece-mesure

3. Then it’s good old trial and error. I put it on and pinned it in place. When I was happy with the result I hemmed the sides (using a zig zag stitch!). For the halter part I folded the sides so they met in the middle and stitched (zig zag) along to join i place. Cut off any excess fabric.

DIY maillot une piece-15

4- Last step is to try on one last time. Pin the triangles in place inside the front of the the bikini bottom. Stitch along using… a zig zag stitch!

DIY maillot une piece-17

5. I cut the halter ties to the right size and cut and roll hemmed the ends!


DIY one piece swimsuit

DIY one piece swimsuit

DIY one piece swimsuit

DIY one piece swimsuit

DIY one piece swimsuit

DIY one piece swimsuit

P.s. My glasses are from model Cape Town. They’re made of wood and fold in 4 (and you can’t tell at all). The lenses are polarized and the French business plant at leaat two trees for every pair sold!

I’m trying to reduce plastic in my life and to encourage smaller businesses who make efforts to have a better impact on our planet! Thanks Shinywood! (No, I don’t get anything if you buy a pair but we do all get 2 trees!?)

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