Sewing : paperbag striped pants

DIY paperbag pants

Ok. I’m going to LIVE in these pants all summer. It’s perfect for going from beachy casuel to city chic. When I was in New York for Easter i went to the amazing fabric store “Mood” to buy my wedding dress fabric (check!). I also left with a few yards of this striped fabric to make some pants (and maybe a little crop top with what’s left over)

I was inspired by these pants:

inspiration striped pants ok

photos : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 /

I searched for the perfect pattern for a long time… only to realise I already owned it… this one! It’s a pattern for sweat pants but it’s exactly what i needed!

I wanted it to be a little bit too big at the waist to be able to tighten it with the cord and that’s exactly what it does

So I just followed the pattern’s instructions (I made a size medium)

DIY pillowcase pants steps-2

Then when I had to do the waist part, I cut a large band (about 12 cm wide and the length of the waist). I put it right sides together with the pants and sewed all along

DIY pillowcase pants steps-6

which gives you this:

DIY pillowcase pants steps-7

Then you fold it over about 1 cm and then fold the band in half to cover up your initial sewing

DIY pillowcase pants steps-8

DIY pillowcase pants steps-9

Then sew all along trying to stay inside the pleat

DIY pillowcase pants steps-10

DIY pillowcase pants steps-11

I added 3 little rectangles to be able to put my cord through. A simple hem on the width and double hem on the length (cut the corners before folding the second time). then sew onto the pants.

DIY pillowcase pants steps-14

Then I made this belt using rope from the hardware store (about 4 meters) cut in 4 equal pieces that i braided like this:

etapes tresse 4 brins

go over 2 cords and uneder the second.
alternate left and right.

then I wrapped the ends in DMC cotton thread to end things off.

DIY 4 strand braid rope belt-15 copy

DIY paperbag pants

DIY paperbag pants

DIY paperbag pants

DIY paperbag pants

DIY paperbag pants

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