DIY grid bedding

DIY grid bedding tutorial

I’d been dreaming of making this grid pattern bedding for a while now. The first time I saw that grid fabric on the perles and co website and then on la petite épicerie’s I started dreaming of turning it into a duvet cover. I looked around Montreal for a similar fabric but when I couldn’t find it I decided to just order it online… too bad for the shipping fees, I knew it would change our room.

I opted for a simple white fabric on the other side to save some money and have the impression of two beddings! I found extra width cotton at fabricville that way I have one side that is made of jsut one piece.

This project scared me… I think I don’t like projects that are bigger than me… I feel like I don’t have control…

Turns out I don’t think my rectangle is perfect you really can’t tell so nooo stresss!!

DIY grid bedding tutorial

To make your duvet cover in a twin size you need:

  • 4m50 grid fabric( found here or here)
  • 2m20 extra width cotton (270 cm)
  • sewing machine
  • high quality white cotton thread
  • high quality black cotton thread

DIY grid bedding tutorial

1- WASH YOUR FABRCI !!!! I hate doing it but it’s REALLY important. In my case both fabrics shrunk a bit so I’m really glad I did!!

2- Iron your fabric (I know. that sucks too but you really should!)

DIY housse de couette (3 sur 25)

3- Cut your piece of cotton the right size for your duvet. I simply measured mine and cut out the same size + 2cm all around

DIY housse de couette patron2

3- Cut your piece of grid fabric to the rights size. Place the long sides good sides facing each other and align two black lines. Using black thread sew along the line.

DIY housse de couette patron

DIY housse de couette (6 sur 25)

4- Hem a double fold all around both rectangles.

5- Place your pieces right sides together and sew all around leave part of one side open.

6- You can leave the opening as is or add something to close it like buttons or snaps (which is what I intend to do)

DIY grid bedding tutorial

And while I took picture of the room I moves our library around and turns out it looks great in our room !


DIY grid bedding tutorial


DIY grid bedding tutorial

DIY grid bedding tutorial

DIY grid bedding tutorial

DIY grid bedding tutorial DIY grid bedding tutorial

DIY grid bedding tutorial

ps. the tray is also a DIY

And the white side of the bedding? You saw it here


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