JUNGLE PARTY (easy dollar store DIYs) !


I LOVE theme parties. It’s the BEST thing to be able to decorate and dress up. I just LOVE it i don’t know why but whenever I get the chance to throw a party it’s always a themed party.

October 20th was my birthday and our apartment is starting to look like something (posts to come!) and Halloween was around the corner. All the reasons were there to have a costume party!

I can’t remember how we got there but the theme was “Into the Jungle” and it was a hit!!

I made several easy DIYs to decorate and I’ll share them here

DIY #1 : Vines


  • cord
  • large green cardboard
  • hot glue gun

I cut a bunch of leaves in by big cardboard (about 150), I didn’t use a template I just cut what looked like leaves (I promise it doesn’t take that long!)

Then I glued them alternating sides on the cord to hang over my ‘”bar area”

I also cut out some monkeys using this template



DIY #2 : Animal print balloons & Table cloth

Super simple, balloons, permanent marker (jumbo version from the dollar store to go faster)

Blow up the balloons (white, orange and yellow)

On the white and orange (zebra/tiger) I drew “stripes” = large lines drawn at random


On the yellow (leopard/giraffe) I drew large shapes all over the balloon and then filled in the blanks with smaller shapes


For the table clothes (I had 2) one yellow one white I just drew large stripes


DIY #3 : Lion pumpkin

This is my husband’s work (first time writing that on the blog ?!!!)

He used this model and taped it to the emptied out pumpkin and used his drill to drill the outline and then smoothed it out with a knife.


DIY #4 : Jungle Letters

I found gift bags (still at the dollar store) with “snake skin” and “zebra” prints. I used them to cut out the letters J U N G L E that I hung using fishing line.


And the costumes!

Damien was a “tropical Bush”…. not tour best achievement … And I was a tiger because I found the best jumpsuit in a thrift store!





Happy Halloween !!




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