DESIGNER DIY lace-paneled sweater maje inspiration


It makes me SO happy when i recreate a piece i love from a collection for a fraction of the retail price… especially when it turns out prreeettyy close!

Last time I copied something from maje it was my beach poncho and I loved it all summer. This time it’s a piece from their winter collection .. this lace-paneled sweater! On the original the lace is encrusted inside the knitted sweater (no idea how they did that!? If someone knows?) where as I just sewed the lace directly onto the sweater.I used a cashmere sweater I bought in Nepal last year but that I had already stained in several spots…

I hope this kind of post motivates you to make instead of buy… especially before Christmas !


available here for 495 $


you need:

  • a sweater
  • lace (from here)
  • black thread
  • sewing machine or you could do this by hand

I bought the lace in “fabric” form that I cut in strips of “2 lines of lace”. I tried first with some lace I had in individual form and It was hard to get the two lines to work together so I would advise getting this format!


Once you have your double bands, place them on your sweater where you would lioke them to go (the front has to have a diagonal to it) and then cut and pin in place.


Start by sewing the front central part. I cut about 0.5 cm and folded it under. I sewed with a zig=zag stitch. I did the same on both sides.


Then I made a simple back and forth stitch to each lace point to maintain in place. Make sure you try on the sweater to check everything falls in the right places before sewing!
I also sewed the bottom points.



I cut the lace on the shoulder (like for the front) 0.5 cm extra, folded under and sewn.

And then to the same to the back!


DIY lace-paneled sweater maje

DIY lace-paneled sweater maje

DIY lace-paneled sweater maje

DIY lace-paneled sweater maje


➖so fierce ? ➖

DIY lace-paneled sweater maje




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