DIY wedding jumpsuit !!


You may have followed the ‘jumpsuit saga” over in my instastory, because yes, the making of this wedding jumpsuit was a bit of a saga!

A good friend of mine (who is also getting married) had shown me dresses by the designer Laure de Sagazan ans I immediately loved theme. When I saw the picture of this jumpsuit float around on my pinterest I knew that’s what I wanted to wear to my civil ceremony.


(photos : Laure de Sagazan old collection)

I first bought this pattern and this fabric… and it turned into this HIDEOUS thing !


(pattern from here)

Honestly I looked like P Diddy circa 2001. My “best man” and beat friend Louis came over and tried to help my fix this but it just was not working. The fabric, the pleats, the pockets… it was all just looking terrible (and made my look like I had gained 50 pounds)

The next day I went over to fabricville and asked for some advice (which I ended up not listening to since the lady was suggesting white satin). I went with my gut and got this ibory polyester that seemed perfectly fine (although the lady said it would look cheap). I also got a new pattern, only the pants this time (this one was perfect : level easy and with a side zipper absolutely!)

We spent the evening on it and and the end we we’re SO PROUD. The worst was over and I didn’t look like P Diddy! Not bad!!

Now I’ll explain the step quickly for the top part. I have to say I didn’t do into too much detail taking the pictures, time was running out (3 days before the wedding!) and I was working a lot by trial and error.


p.s. The lace is from a super cute sewing store in Montreal “Rix Rax

  1. The main idea is to make a top like this (I vaguely traced one of my own tops). The bottom just has to be the same width as the front of the pants. Then you make a second one but shorter for lining.


img_4690I tried it on and saw I had to make pleats. I made them on both the top and the lining.

The you sew both pieces right sides together and flip them over (so you get a nice finish on the décolleté)


Then I worked trial and error to place the top and the lace on the “belt” part of the pants I hadn’t sewn yet. I sewed everything in place to the inside of the “belt” and then folded it down and sewed in place.

On the left side I place the 40 cm zipper in place on the pants and sewd the front part of the top to the front of the zipper and the back lace to the back part of the zipper.

On the right side I sewed together the front of the top to the back of the lace.


That’s the general idea! I also made my bouquer and flower crown with store bought flowers as well as leaves and flowers from the garden

We hope to have another ceremony with more friends and family next September. I hope to make my dress again and lots of DIY wedding decoration!

Here are the pictures because we all know that’s what you’re here for!

To set the tone, we were in my parents’ garden and my little brother married us (he was our officiant, in Quebec you can name the person of your choice to be the officiant).

“You are now legally united. Allow me, on my own behalf and on behalf of all those present, to offer you our best wishes for your happiness.”


















Shoes (vegan) here| Boys’ bow ties DIY | Collier DIY | Bouquet & flower crown DIY | Nail polish Resurrection Marc Jacobs Beauty |

Huge thank you to Jean Lapointe My best man’s dad who came and took these beautiful pictures for us!!





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