DIY super quick men’s shirt dress

DIY men's shirt dress

Another dress using a man’s shirt (others here and here)!! I’m not tired of the endless possibilities yet and of the small cost / less sewing aspect ! You know I love DIYs but you also know I’m a bit on the lazy side!


here, here, here ans here

This dress is very simple to make, You just need to find the right short to start with. Inspired by this collar short dress  and by many others seen on the runway and on the streets I tried to make my own version with a white collar blue short and using the sleeves on the waist.

  1. Start by cutting the sleeves off your shirt (and setting them aside)


2. Try the short on without the sleeves and pin in place from the underarm down to the bottom extreme (to the corner where the shirt naturally is sewn)


3. Now tak your sleeves and close up the shoulder end


4. Apply the sleeves to the dress making sure you sew inside so you hide it when you tie up your sleeves in front


5. Tie the sleeves to see how you like them, cut off the ends and sew shut



That’s it!!!

DIY men's shirt dress

DIY men's shirt dress

DIY men's shirt dress

DIY men's shirt dress

DIY men's shirt dress

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