DIY quilted laptop sleeve


I’ve literally had the same computer sleeve for almost 10 years. A black neoprene sleeve I got at a hiking store… I really needed a change and made it DIY of course!

It’s my first article as a partenrship with the online boutique “la petite epicerie” and I immediately fell for their quilted jersey fabrics that I could already see as a new sleeve for my laptop!

It’s not super thick so I decided to make it double (and two colors because why not?)


  • 60 cm of Quilted jersey fabric (in “blue” and “taupe“)
  • 20 inch/50 cm zipper (unofrtunately only available in 20 cm on their website I got mine from a local store)


The steps are very similar as the ones for my bikini pouch but with a curved zippper (which is optionnal). I suggest you look at those steps first as they are clearer than these ones unfortunately

  1. Start by measuring your laptop and cut 2 pieces of each color (4 total). For a 13 incho macbook pro My pieces are 36 cm x 25 cm + 1 cm seam allowance. Make sure you put the stretch going horizontal rather than vertical.

diy-housse-macbook-matelassee-1-of-43 diy-housse-macbook-matelassee-12-of-43

2. As for the bikini pouch, Place your fabric on the zip so that when you flip it your seam is inside (This image can help ) do this for the outside and the inside of one side of the zipper.


diy-housse-macbook-matelassee-15-of-43 diy-housse-macbook-matelassee-6-of-43


3. Sew the seam and do the same to the other side of your zipper and cut the excess fabric.



4. Once the zipper is in place, put your fabrics right sides together (lining together and outside fabric together) leaving a gab in the lining and the ipper a bit open to be able to flip it outside in


5. Once flipped, sew the lining closed and voilà!






I’m already thinking of DIY Christmas presents and I think this would make a great gift and unisex too!




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