DIY Monstera leaf pouch


Yes I know Monstera leaves are everywhere we’re almost tired of themExcept we’re not beacause they’re BEAUTIFUL and beautiful things never go out of style.

At first the team from perles & co had sent me the supplies because I had in mind to put  these leaves on a shirt but then I thought it was a bit much but on this little pouch they’re perfect!

A quick 30 minutes and you’ve got yourself a DIY monstera leaf pouch!



  1. Print the template and cut out the leaves. Then use them to trace them on the back of the hotfix sheet.


2. Once cut out, place them on your pouch to see where you like them


3. When you’re ready, take your iron and put it on ‘cotton” mode. At first I put a tea towel between the iron and the pouch but it didn’t work. The iron really has to touche the hotfix leaves


4. When all your leaves have been ironed, let them cool off a bit and peel the plastic off.


Sometimes it’s super easy (especially the glitter ones) and other times it may kind of rip part of  the leaf of with it…


5. So I decided to cover up the less nice ones with a second leaf. This time be SUPER careful hat your iron doesn’t touch the first leaf or it will melt/burn it!!


that’s it!!









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