My first knitting project : We Are Knitters Kobuk Tee

DIY We are knitters kobuk tee (2 of 7)

It’s the only knitting project i’ve ever finished (and I’m pretty proud of it!). My last project consisted of 12 rows that are still on my night stand 3 years later. When We are knitters contacted me for a collaboration I don’t know what I was thinking but I said yes!

A few days later I received this great kit to make the “kobuk tee” in khaki level easy. I quickly opened the box and discovered  everything I needed to start my tee. The kit is beautifully packaged, I love the wooden needles (although I have to me honest here and tell you I broke one by sitting on it… so be careful!)

I got started as soon as I could, with the help of youtube. I used the videos from the we are knitter website but also some random ones when I found them easier to understand (example I used this simple cast on technique)

And I got it done!! (I have to admit I almost quit a few times but the idea od writing this article kept me going!) I think if you are a true true complete beginner maybe the isn’t the easiest project to start with (although it was pretty much mu case and I got through it!)

If you are starting out I advise you say what the paper says and start with a square to make sure you’re knitting with the right tension but also to try some techniques you might not be familiar with, in this case the double knit (which is wayyyyyy easier than it looks!). Also use this square to make mistakes and learn to fix them (because you will make mistakes and you need to have the confidence to go back and fix them!)

Other little problem is that the cotton (although INCREDIBLY SOFT !!!) does fray a little bit escpecially of the first few rows so just be careful.


Once I finished the front and back pieces (which are actually twice the same piece) I panicked a little when came the time to assemble and knit the tiny sleeves. I got help from my best friend’s mom to make sure I didn’t get it wrong.

In the end it was just picking up stitches which, again, is much easier than it seems.

In the end I finished the assembly all by myself. I treid several techniques and got very frustrated that I wasn’t making it work until I saw this video that got me the perfect stitch!

I am SO SO HAPPY with the result, I wear it ALL the TIME (actually wearing it as I type this).

I really recommed the We are knitters kobuk tee especially for a beginner wanting to try something new!

If you want to try it out (I hope you do!)  We are knitters is giving you -20% with the coupon code springinfialtablog_wak (valid until august 28th 2016)

p.s. I made this in a size small

also. I’ve already started project number 2 for fall ?

DIY We are knitters kobuk tee (6 of 7)
DIY We are knitters kobuk tee

DIY We are knitters kobuk tee (4 of 7)

DIY We are knitters kobuk tee (5 of 7)

DIY We are knitters kobuk tee (3 of 7)
DIY We are knitters kobuk tee

DIY We are knitters kobuk tee (1 of 7)





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