Shot glass summer lights garland

DIY guirlande lumiere9

My parents’ beautiful garden just calls for late night summer drinks (If mosquitoes didn’t exist, in reality we go inside at 6 hating on those mozzies)

The garden is already an Oasis in the heart of Gatineau but light garlands just add that touch of romanticism.

All you have to do is organise a first party, get all the shot glasses back, wash and re-use for next time! (I unfortunately had to buy mine because apparently I’m too old and the parties I go to don’t have those anymore)

Material to make this DIY lights garland

Etapes DIY guirlande soirée (1 of 13)

1- Make a “u” shape to put around the glasses. I went full trial and error here until I got the right shape.

Etapes DIY guirlande soirée (2 of 13)

2- Maximise your paper buy tracing them close to each other then cut

Etapes DIY guirlande soirée (3 of 13)

3- With your brush, apply a small coat of glue and apply your paper. Then wrap around and glue the other side.

Etapes DIY guirlande soirée (6 of 13)

4- Pierce the top of the glasses (my brother did mine and gives the advice of going slow and steady and nice and straight as to not split the glasses. That being said I did use the ones we split)

Etapes DIY guirlande soirée (13 of 13)

5- Insert lights and that’s it!

Etapes DIY guirlande soirée (11 of 13)

DIY guirlande lumiere11

DIY guirlande lumiere13

DIY guirlande lumiere8

DIY guirlande lumiere5

DIY guirlande lumiere3

DIY guirlande lumiere10

ps. my dress is also DIY




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