DIY Laceup top

DIY lace-up top (1 of 1)

Since last summer Laceup tops have been everywhere! Even though my best friend said they were “so 2000” I think they look pretty and are super easy to DIY!

I’m wearing it paired with my DIY boyfriend jeans to kind of tone down the sexy (Just like Lily, Selena and Emily !). Even if mine doesn’t go quite as deep a V as theirs do.


inspiration diy lace up top

Lily Alridge | Selena Gomez | Emily Ratajkowsky


DIY boyfriend jeans (1 of 1)-2

Supplies to make your own DIY laceup top

  • cord
  • ribbon 10 mm (here 7 mm)
  • Tight long sleeved black top (Mine thrifted)
  • sewing machine and black thread

DIY lace-up top (1 of 14) DIY lace-up top (14 of 14)

1- Start by cutting the top to create the desired v neck (Ideally cut it while you wear it just to see where everything falls). pin and sew a hemline.

DIY lace-up top (3 of 14)

2- Cut 10 pieces of ribbon (about 5 cm)

DIY lace-up top (7 of 14)

3 – Fold them in hald and then fold the ends in. Pin in place (spaced out about 4 cm).

DIY lace-up top (8 of 14)

DIY lace-up top (9 of 14)

4- Once your ribbons are sewed in place, insert your cord and knot the ends.

DIY lace-up top (12 of 14)

That’s it!

DIY laceup top and boyfriend jeans! DIY lacey top (1 of 1)DIY laceup top and boyfriend jeans

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