DIY pompom shorts

shorts cinco de mayo 1

You might have seen my DIY pompom shorts in this month’s magazine créative

Little pompom shorts to elebrate cinco de mayo (oops i forgot to post the english version on this DIY in time!). It’ll be here for next year!
Any excuse is good to put pompoms on anything anyways!

I strongly advise to wear this while eating 7-layer dip!

You need:

  • Embroidery thread (i used some leftovers from this lot )
  • embroidery needle
  • shorts
  • piece of cardboard

To make the pompoms

faire un pompon

Cut a “c” shape in your cardboard. Wrap your thread around it 10/12 times. With a piece of thread tie it up and cut the threads. I ended up needing 20.


Then sew them on to the shorts

coudre les pompons

I used 2 different colors (blue and whote) to make like “x”s to sew the pompoms on. I wrapped the threads around on the inside. Really try to get into all of the “hoops” from the top on he pompoms.
It holds on really decently, i just don’t think they can go in the washing machine anymore.

That’s it!

shorts cinco de mayo

etapes short pompons (16 of 17) copy

shorts cinco de mayo 2

Photos taken in paradise, Cape Le Grand NP, Western Australia

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