DIY dainty rings?

DIY dainty rings

SSoooo many rings… I made so many rings!! I’d wanted for a a long time a bunch of tiny dainty gold rings to stack and wear together. But they were always either cheap and the color would fade of way too expensive for plated gold (especially when you want to buy several and know you’re going to lose some!)

And in comes this gold filled wire! I used both hard and semi-hard depending on the complexity but I’d suggest just using the semi-hard (i couldn’t feel that much of a difference)

What you need to make DIY dainty rings

I made several different rings, here are the tutorials

  1. Attached ring

DIY dainty rings - 1

Pretty simple. Fold one end on itslef, wrap around something round (here nail polish cap) to get that rounded shape. Isert the other end in the loop and make a second loop (cut the extra wire before folding on itself)

2- Braided ringDIY dainty rings -tressée

cut 3 5cm pieces and braid them to create this ring. It’s a but of a trial error, I made it partially using my fingers and pliers to get things to work.

I used one the the strands on each end to wrap around all 3 twice.

3- Knot ring

DIY dainty rings (27 of 65)

You need to make a knot in the middle or the wire (easier said than done) but do-able!

Then I wrapped it around the nail polish cap and folded the ends on themselves.

DIY dainty rings (30 of 65)

4- Stone ring (easiest)

DIY dainty rings (39 of 65)

DIY dainty rings (43 of 65)

Pioece of wire. insert stone. around on nail polish cap. cut. fold ends on themselves. done.

Repeat and wear!

DIY dainty rings (57 of 65)

DIY dainty rings (65 of 65)

DIY dainty rings (50 of 65)

DIY dainty rings (56 of 65)

The bracelet I’m wearing is also DIY!

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