DIY Boyfriend Jeans

How to find and distress the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans! And how to wear and style them

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Call me old fashioned, but I have to admit I find it hard to get the money out when it comes to buying old, used, ripped jeans… I’d rather just find old, used jeans and rip them myself!

Ever since I made these DIY boyfriend jeans I have been living in them, especially with summer around the corner!

I also tried wearing them at work last week … clearly toddlers have no fashion sense “hole, there’s a hole, did you fall? you have booboo?”… all this while poking their tiny cold, tickling fingers through the holes…

So here it is, the DIY boyfriend jean tutorial!

DIY boyfriend jeans (1 of 24)


  • men’s jeans ?
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • Optional : sanding paper

Total : 6$
Difficulty: Easy
Time : 30 minutes

First step : Finding THE perfect pair of jeans

anatomy boyfriend jeans

This is the tricky part (but it’s part of the DIY charm). You need to find THE right pair of jeans to distress.

Like it says on the picture, there are a few rules to follow (you might a few trips to the thrift shop but once you find it… the fun begins!)

Ideally look through the men’s jeans (the whole boyfriend idea) a nicely used/worn pair that’s not too loose at the bottom. Mine’s a bit too wide at the hips but the rest is perfect!

If it’s too wide at the bottom and you have a sewing machine you can easily adjust that before you star!

Once you have your pair, start distressing the denim

1- Pu the jeans on and mark with your chalk where your knees are and anywhere else you want to have holes. Since this was someone else pair the kneed might to fall into the same place that’s why it’s important to try it on first.

DIY boyfriend jeans (5 of 24)

2- Cut parallel slits where the knees are

DIY boyfriend jeans (7 of 24)

3- With your tweezers, pull out the blue thread leaving the white thread in place. The first ones are kind of hard and then it goes super smoothly.

DIY boyfriend jeans (8 of 24)

DIY boyfriend jeans (9 of 24)

4- For the smaller holes you can use the same technique but making smaller slits further apart or use one of these techniques:

A. The sanding paper sponge (I wasn’t a fan of this)

DIY boyfriend jeans (6 of 24)

B. Rubbing with scissors

Easier if you ear the jeans and scratch with the scissors

DIY boyfriend jeans (10 of 24)

Then pull out some blue thread.

DIY boyfriend jeans (11 of 24)

Your holes will look something like this (too clean), but put them in the wash and they’ll be perfect!

DIY boyfriend jeans (14 of 24)

DIY boyfriend jeans (19 of 24)

DIY boyfriend jeans (24 of 24)

DIY boyfriend jeans (1 of 1)-2

Ps. The top I’m wearing is also a DIY coming this week!

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