DIY Balayage

avant après

Last summer I threw myself into the DIY balayage by the toilets of a caravan park while living in my van… It led me to great conversations with all the women entering the bathroom about hair victories and fails but mainly regrets of never trying it out by themselves “You must try” I told them with my hair covered in weird smelling products and a nervous look in my eyes.

Well i regret nothing! When i was a teenager I always told my mom with an air of disgust “but… hwy can’t you just get your hair done at the hairdresser?” (even though it was always really well done!) (and i won’t even get into the embarrassment of my dad cutting his own hair upside down in the front yard…)

Well look at me now… like mother like daughter you can’t get avoid it!

I’m super happy with the result, much more ombré/balayage than last year

boite smart beauty ombre

I ordered this vegan / cruelty free hair dye  (super inexpensive!!)

I did extensive research before diving in the pinned all my ideas here. I mainly used the baby ombré technique showed here and it works really well!


DIY balayage step by step photos

  1. Untangle your dry hair
  2. Start with the ends the have them be exposed the longest amount of time then make some little streaks here and there especially around the face
  3. Like in the video I separated my hair in 6 sections and twisted them applying product from the ears down. I went a little higher in some places for a more ombré look
  4. Let the product sit maximum 6 minutes (I did 50)

That’s it!!p.s. This was an article from last year that disapeared when my blog was hacked. Now it’s back! 🙂



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