DIY travel charm bracelet

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I’ve had this DIY travel charm bracelet in mind pretty much ever since I started travelling (yeah I’m the kind of girl who gets sentimental before things even start). I accumulated these little charms over time waiting to have enough to make a bracelet to remind me of the all the memories and experiences I’ve lived and who make me who I am today

sappy part over

I have to admit not all the charms were purchased during the trips… let’s be honest… finding a tiny silver van in Australia wasn’t the easiest of tasks (than you ebay)

I represented some of the trips that I feel most about (and honestly the ones I could find appropriate charms for)

DIY travel charm bracelet

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You need

After having collected ou bought your charms, attach the lobster clasps to them

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Then simply attach your charms onto your bracelet. You can easily move them around as you add more

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You may remember my trip to Thailand in October 2014, right before Australia. I visited a silver bead workshop and wrote an article about it but it disappeared when my blog was hacked :(. I was lucky enough to buy several silver and gold plated items and the man was nice enough to give me this rose gold heart pendant that never left my neck for those 14 months of travels. It unfortunately lost some of it’s shine but is still a great reminder of this beautiful trip with my boyfriend and my best friend.



Australie I’ve already told you about here and introduced you to our van Alfred without whome we couldn’t have done this trip! Honnestly this tiny van charm is SO CUTE!! It looks just like alfred and definitely needed a place on my wrist.

Australie road trip best of-64


A beautiful 3 week vacation with my family in 2014 after a very intense first year of my master’s degree. I absolutely loved it and dream of going back!



I’ve also told you about Nepal here, our splendid 22 day trek in the Himalayas with my dad and my boyfriend. It was intense, exhausting, magestic.. and so magical it’s a little prayer wheel that has a place on my bracelet.

Trek jiri - EBC (451 of 531)

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

My biggest European city crush. Amsterdam is a city i LOVE, both times we went we seriously thought about doing full time dutch classes to move there. Fail we ended up picking Canada… but this little bike reminds me of those memories (and also to go biking!).



I got the chance to study abroad in Merida for my last year of my bachelor of Psychology. Resuming 5 months and a whole culture with one tiny mariachi is a tad simplistic… but he’s so adorable with his mini guitar.



One of my very first great trips by myself. I was 20 and left to teach english on Ometepe Island. A trip that profoundly shaped and changed me. I spent unforgettable moments there, not always easy but for every challenge there was endless laughing. I took these two little beads from a pair of earing I brought back from a beach escapade.


nicaraguas bébés

I unfortunately don’t have anything to represent Guatemala… A country with he utmost importance since it is where I met the charming young man who would become the one with whom I will always travel.

guatemala damien

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