DIY lace cardigan

cardigan dentelle - 1

I don’t know if I can blame (or thank) valentine’s day for making me crave lace but i am IN LOVE with this lace cardigan… the easiest DIY ever! I jsut love transforming old clothes into new pieces to give them a second lide! It’s kind of making me want to make a black one for an “all black look…. let’s start with this one


avant apres

You just need a cardigan, ideally a bit oversize and some lace (similar here)

Then cut your lace to the desired length, pin in place (and always try on before sewing) and then just stitch all the way round!

epingler dentelleThat’s it… literally.

DIY cardigan dentelle closeup

DIY cardigan dentelle -4

DIY cardigan dentelle -6

DIY cardigan dentelle


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