DIY stitched heart pillow

valentines day cushion (2 of 16)

February 1st… Valentine’s day is coming! Not a holiday I particularly celebrate but any occasion is good for heart shaped DIYs !! This pillow was inspired by Fran’s for the blog fallfordiy which i love (see the picture below). I adapted the idea for Valentine’s day and I’m pretty happy with it! It’s right on the limit of tacky but stays on the right side. This idea had got potential…I’m keeping it in mind for other projects!


(Click on the image for the tutorial)

For this DIY pillow you need

Coussin coeur matreriel

  • a white cushion
  • red yarn
  • embroidery needles (The one I used in the photo was too big but these ones should work)
  • scissors
  • pencil
1- Start by tracing a heart shape on your cushion with a pencil
Coussin coeur - tracer coeur

2- Cut a piece of yarn long enough to have 12 cm on each side. Insert it in your needle and start stitching through your cushion to create lines starting and stopping on your heart shape.

Coussin coeur etape 2
Coussin coeur etape 1
Coussin coeur bas

3. Cut the yarn when you are done

Coussin coeur etape 3
4. When the heart shape is finished, cut all the pieces the same length (here 10,5 cm)

Coussin coeur etape 4

Coussin coeur final


valentines day cushion (13 of 16)

valentines day cushion (6 of 16)

valentines day cushion (16 of 16)

valentines day cushion (7 of 16)

Happy Valentine’s day!

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