DIY wedding dress

diy wedding dress

WAHHHHH!!! I MADE A DIY WEDDING DRESS !! Not to get married (unfortunately)… BUT to participate in! We’re a bunch of DIY bloggers participating and every month we get a theme and have to create something around it! I LOVE IT! I feel like I’m on a DIY reality show contest!

Last june’s theme was… recycling!

I found a curtain in the garbage (#classy) and this white dress at Salvation Army for 4$! I wanted to combine them to make a little white lace summer dress and kind of let myself get out of hand and it kind of turned into a wedding dress !

rideau + robe

I started by tracing a shape for the skirt on the curtain (keeping the top hem to eventually put a satin type belt through… that didn’t happen)

By folding the curtain in half I cut a shape like this one and hand sewed the back leaving 10 cm at the top to be able to slide it on but that you couldn’t see once I tied a big piece of leftover curtain as a belt (with a bow at the back)


jupe noire copy

With what I had leftover from the curtain I covered the top part of the dress following the décolleté and stopping around the zipper in the back

portrait 2 diy lace dress

diy wedding dress lace

diy robe de marie dos

portrait diy robe de mariee

Pictures taken at Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

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