DIY cape using a blazer (DKNY inspiration)

blazer to cape

We’ve been seeing capes on the rundways for a little while now and I have to day I really love the elegance they can give to a look. When I saw this one from DKNY I immediately saw it’s DIY potential (I pinned it on my “dying to be DIY” board while i waited to be be reunited with my sewing machine). Yiu might have seen it on instagram, it was my first project when I got back from Australia and Nepal


I’m super happy with how this project turned out! I will probably wear it more during springtime since the canadian temperatures I will be traveling back to are more of a winter cape kind of weather… another DIY project…?

I started with a simple black blazer I bought in a thrift store. Here are the steps I followed but you’ll probably need to adapt them to your blazer. I have to thank my friend Clémence who supported me during this project… the first snip of cissors was frightening but oh so worth it !!

IMG_9954 copy

  1. Start off by cutting your blazer from bottome to top following a straight line going through the armpit and the arm. Do this on both sides (I later cut up towards the shoulders on the front part)blazer to cape - 1
  2. You should get something that looks like this. The idea is then to sew the back of the arm to the back of the blazer. You should be left with just an opening in the front.

blazer to cape - 2

3. By doing this on both sides…you have something that is starting to look like a cape!


blazer to cape - 3

4. You them hem the front part. On the front of the arm and the front of the blazer. I adjusted the front part of the blazer a little bit… trial and error here!

blazer to cape - 4

5. The bottom probably won’t be equal so a hem the make everything the same lenth and there you go!blazer to cape - 5

6. To hold the opening together I made a little faux leather belt but I think I’ll sew it closed on the very bottom so it holds it’s shape better.

blazer to cape - 6

Now wear it !

blazer to cape (11 of 19) copy

blazer to cape (3 of 19) copy

blazer to cape - 1

blazer to cape  - 1

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