DIY Moon cycle cup

DIY moon cycle cup

I am in the very last time limit to participate in december’s projetdiy! The theme was  douce nuit (soft night). I had so many ideas but so little time (and mainly material) to make them. And last night this simple idea just came to me… a DIY cup for my night time infusion!

Super quick and easy to make this cup will happily reciece your night itme beverage! But it is pretty delicate so hand wash with care.

You need:

  • Ceramic gold paint pen (like this one)
  • cup (mine from here)
  • pencil
  • tape & cissors
  • coton swab and nail polish remover for mistakes!

Start by printing the moon cycle on an A4 sheet

cycle lunaire

With your pencil, trace the outline of the moons carefuly

DIY tasse cycle de lune (3 of 12)

Cut your drawing to have only the central part (with the moons on it). Apply it face down to your cup and secure with tape.

DIY tasse cycle de lune (4 of 12)

Using your pencil color over the sides you traced (don’t be afraid to push hard)

DIY tasse cycle de lune (6 of 12)

Now you have a model to trace!

DIY tasse cycle de lune (7 of 12)

Go over the lines and fill with your gold pen. You can go over a few times if you allow the paint to dry in between layers. If you make mistakes get that nail polish remover out!

DIY tasse cycle de lune (8 of 12)

Follow the instructions of your pen. I used a permanent marker from sharpie so i pooped it in the oven for 30 minutes 180 C (350 F) (same as for these bowls)

DIY tasse cycle de lune (1 of 3)

DIY tasse cycle de lune (12 of 12) copy

DIY tasse cycle de lune table

DIY tasse cycle lunaire

Good night!


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