My Magical Christmas Playlist

playlist noel2Photo taken in Strasbourg, France, 2 years ago

Christmas music is the most beautiful thing ever. honnestly. While on a date I have answered the question “So what kind of music do you like?” with “Honnestly? Christmas music” (that date didn’t go anywhere let me tell you that)


Ella fitzgerald’s Swinging Christmas CD IS the ULTIMATE music to get in the Christmas mood. As soon as I listen to it I get thrown back into decorating the Christmas Tree with my family as a child. It brings back emotions rather than actual memmories and it’s just aboslutely magical. Please make this music your family tradition I promise your kids will thank you.

So I obviously put that cd in my playlist along with other classic and more “modern” pieces (the O.C. christmas mix anyone?)

I hope you can listen to this Christmas playlist as much as possible before Christmas and watch Home Alone, Love Actually et The Holiday !

Once again I won’t be home for christmas (no pun intented) so here are some pictures of the always splendid Christmas decor at my parents’ home

chritmas images (1 of 8)

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chritmas images (2 of 8)

My mom’s famous Christmas drinks

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chritmas images (3 of 8)

I have already planned with my mom to do DIY Christmas table decoration next year! Until then I wish you wonderful Holifays and I’m excited to be back in January for plenty of new DIYs !!

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