DIY gold lip stain decorated bowls


I’d wanted to try making little gold lip stain decorated bowls for a while with this simple technique of writing / drawing with a permanent marker and then popping the item in the oven for 30 minutes!inpiration-bols

1.Kate Spade Agenda (here) 2. Cup (here) 3. Bowl (here) 4. Pola dot Bowl (here) 5. Paper maché Bowls I’ve been dying to try for ever (here) 6. Speculoos box from Belgian Maison Dandoy (here)

When I stumbled upon the store Dille & Kamille in Brussels I jumped on their little 3,50 euro bowls! I bought while ago a “paint pen” from the brand craftsmart and tried and… it worked!! The drawing is bit fragile so not dishwasher safe but If you wash them relatively delicately… it”s fine!

To make these Decorated bowls you need:

diy gold decorated lip bowl material (1 of 1)

  • Ceramic bowls/cups
  • Paint pen or special (ceramic pen like this one or this one)

I used some stamps for the writing to trace over and lipstick to make the lip mark!

If you make mistakes.. nail polish remover is your BFF

I started by drawing little heart around the bottom


I used stamps and ink to have something to trace over


I used tinted lip balm (from lush) to make the lip mark.

lips lipsdorées

Let the drawings dry for a little half hour then put everything in the oven (don’t preheat) for 30 minutes at 180 C / 250 F.

And voilà!



diy gold decorated lip bowl (7 of 8)

diy gold decorated lip bowl (3 of 8)

diy gold decorated lip bowl (8 of 8)

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