DIY : Embroidered Scandinavian Christmas Cuff

10. manchette finale2

Kind of hard to get in the Christmas mood in Australia when it’ warm and sunny outside. Far from me the idea of complaining but for me who LOVES CHRISTMAS.. It’s kind of hard (Love actually and The Holiday are just WAITING to be watched religiously like every year)

When dawanda asked me to make a DIY for their Christmas section I jumped on the occasion…I’d had this idea in mind for a while… a cross stitched bracelet for a Scandinavian CHRISTMAS (since I made my little clutch I’m kind of obsessed).

Fisst the pattern.. inspired by Scandinavian Christmas :

1. bracelet noel patron

Now the material:

  • 3 red embroidery threads (DMC 817)
  • 1 cream embroidery thread (DMC 3865)
  • 1 embroidery needle
  • embroidery cloth (the length of your wrist + 6 cm, height : twice the height of the pattern)
    * tip : the sides have a tendency to fray so it’s better to start with bigger and cut at the end
  • 2 rings
  • chain to go around the bracelet (about 45 cm)
  • optional: a little bell

Start by embroidering the white parts and then fill in with red

2. making-of-bracelet

Wash your bracelet with water and delicate soap if necessary

3. laver

Cut the corners to be able to fold everything behind it without it being too thick (trial and error here)

4. couper coins

Fold to ends (like when wrapping a gift). With you red thread and needle go though the back to stitch your chain all around. At the end make an invisible stitch to sew sides

5. etapes 4

Here is a picture of how to sew the sides * Stay as close to the pattern as possible to hide as much of the fabric as possible

6. couture chaine

When you are back to the start, open the last ring on the chain and join to the first one.

7. joindre chaine

Finished result! Just add your clasp and your little bell!

8. manchette finale à plat

9. close up

13. manchette finale4

14. manchette finale1

manchette finale 3

11. manchette + tasse

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