DIY bralette with a scarf

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The 2 mistakes I made when I packed my bag for Australia was : 1) I didn’t bring sweatpants (but thanks to my mommy I have some now and wear them ALL the TIME ) and 2) I didn’t bring a decent bra. By decent I mean .. that fits, that’s comfortable, cute… you know just normal bra. I have an old one thaths loose and a small one that’s well… so small. I had been looking at bras online and saw this one that I loved but…89$… that’s two days of cherry picking here! So I thought… I’ll just make one!

The idea started to take form and I wen’t on the hunt for the perfect scarf (in second hand shops). And since we live in a van ( I tried to convince Mr. Man to have a sewing machine in the car but… not possible) I sewed it by hand!

All this to say I made my own DIY bralette !

You can make one too, here’s how!

DIY bralelette steps (1 of 7)

You need:

  • a scarf (50 cents at salvation army if you find silk… SCORE!)
  • Large elastic (32 mm) long enough to go around your upper body
  • A bra clasp closure thing
  • Smaller elastic for the straps
  • Needle and thread
  • Optional : studs to decorate

1 : Cut 2 corners of your scarf (for the size that kind of depends of what nature gave you)

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2- Pull on the elastic while you sew your triangles to it to make little folds. I placed the triangle hwere I wanted it, folded the bottom to make a hem , sewed while mr man was pulling on the elastic and cut the extra fabric.

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3- Sew one than the other. See how it fits on you before sewing anything (trial and error!)

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4 – Meature what you actually need for the elastic (try it on yourself) not too tight not too loose.

To the side that will be on your left, sew the female part of the clasp on the outside. To the right side the male part on the inside (common sense)

DIY bralette-9

  1. for the straps, I didn’t bother making an adjustable thing but hey sell everything you need in craft stores. Anyways I feel like a have a custom made couture bra now.

All this to say, Again I measured on myself the right size with pins. I sewed them on (fearing it wouldn’t hold I made a million stitches and then covered them with a gol triangle stud)

DIY bralelette steps (7 of 7)

And I’ve been wearing it all the time for the past year!

DIY bralette-10

DIY bralette-6

DIY bralette-11

DIY bralette-5

For a black lace version (more adaptable to larger chests) check our apairandaspare‘s tutorial

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    • springinfialta , Direct link to comment

      just ordinary elastic band from any craft store!

      I would just add if your trying this out, I’d add a little dart from the middle to where the nipple is to have a better fit!

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