DIY wrap bracelet : turquoise & rose gold

wrap bracelet rose gold

I made this bracelet with rose gold and turquoise beads I bought in thailand last year (here is a video of the workshop I got to visit). super quick and easy to make, this DIY wrap bracelet is a perfect last minute christmas gift!


To make this DIY wrap bracelet:

Start by inserting you crimp bead then in the ring and back through the crimp bead and…squish!


Insert all your bead in (turquoise miyuki and rose gold tubes) going trial and error to see where to place the, (mine are very curved so I can only place them on the “sides”)

Then insert the 2nd crimp bead in the ring, through be crimp bead again (and a few beads). Squeeze it.

Attach to your each one piece of the toggle.

fermoir rose gold

bracelet tursquoise et rose gold

Here it is combined to other quick DIY bracelets (rose gold & neon)

mains bracelets

bracelets vue dessous

bracelets portés 1

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