DIY woven miyuki bracelet

DIY buggle bracelet porté-2

It’s no secret… i LOVE miyuki beads… and these bugle ones are just soooo pretty !! Combined to regular miyukis in neutral colors it gives you a pretty and relatively easy bracelet! Two different finishing options (I love both so I wear them together)

You need: 


And here are the steps for your woven miyuki bracelet

etapes tissage bracelet buggles (etapes)

1. Cut a piece of string (about 1,5 m) and palce a beading needle on each end

2. Insert bugle bead and make it go down to the middle of your string

3. Insert 5 miyuki b eads on one of the needles and make the pearl go down

4.With the other needle, go through your beeds gong “the opposite way”

5. Pull on both ends

6. Bring all 5 beads parallel to your initial bugle

7 – 8 – 9. Repeat theses steps alternating between bugle and group of 5 miyukis until you get your desired length. then go back through the beads (going down) at least 3 times and cut your string.

Then you get two finishing options. Either a braclet all woven (In that case just insert both ends in terminators for bead weaving and add your clasp)

finitions gold


finitions bracelet tissé buggles (2 of 6)

Make a shorter bracelet and insert two eye pins and make a ring on each end

finitions bracelet tissé buggles (3 of 6)

Attach a piece of chain folded in half and add clasp and ring to each end.

Here are the two versions of this DIY woven miyuki bracelet



2 bracelets tissés

DIY buggle bracelet porté

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