DIY Wine Bottle vase and Jam Jar candle

3 vases

Last year I made theses DIY vases from wine bottles so I took them out this year again but felt like they needed a makeover! I bought a GOLD (obvi) spray paint bottle and started spraypainting everything including this old jam container and turned it into a candle holder.

masking tape

Cover the parts you want to keep see through with masking tape and …


Hold your can 30 cm away. Do several thin layers and let them dry in between (5 = 10 minutes). I’d recommend 3 coats, I waned to go fast and only did 2 and some spots aren’t as gold as I would have wanted them to be.

bouteilles avant apres

Let everything dry for an hour (or overnight) and remove tape.

coupe racines

I took my hyacinth bulbs, cut the roots and but them in the vases with hydrofuge balls.

avec plantes 2 plante + bougie louis echenauff diy wine bottle vases (4 of 4)


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