DIY message bracelets

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Inspired by lovely calligraphy on instagram:

And by bracelets like these ones

dying to be DIY bracelets


I decided to make bracelets combining both! Et because honnestly… miyuki beads are the prettiest thing ever and when perles & co offered tos end some to me all the way in australia i DIED. I had som eback in brussels and started some projects (here and here) but never finished them. Theses beads are like stickers when I was little… I love them so much I feel like using them is wasting htem (do you have that too?)

But here it is. To make these DIY message bracelets you need:


Il vous faut :

  1. Cut a piece of thred the suze of your wrist + 5 cm. (le crimp beads will be easier to insert if you take out one string out of your thread) insert thred in your needle.


  1. Insert beads to write your message. here : LOVE so L = 12, O = 15, V = 22, E = 5. then crimp your beads on each end

etape 2

  1. If you only have one thread, insert one last bead on the end and with your needle go through it with both ends of the thread (if you have several threads for several words you will need a bead with a slightly bigger hole). Either knot the ends together or make one knot on each end and voilà!


The possibilities are endless! Now you just need someone to give them too!


porte 4


porte 3

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