DIY Marble Pumpkin (using nail polish!)

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Marble pumpkin …juuuuust in time for Halloween. Usually one of my favorite times of the year. My birthday + costumes … !!!! Far from my friends and in an unknowns city …. I’m not sure we’re going to do much this year (but October 2016 you don’t even know what’s coming!)

The marble obsession is dominating the internet (yes) and would dominate my Halloween table if I had one (even if it’s little kitsh… It’s Halloween go all out!). I will show you how to make these marble pumpkins with…. nail polish !!

** I will be perfectly honestly here and tell you my pumpkins are not perfect. The technique needs a little practice for next year! (more precise tips in the tutorial)

For your marble pumpkin you need :

marble pumpkin_

  • mini (or big) pumpkins
  • white spray paint
  • black nail polish
  • grey nail polish
  • a bowl/recipient with lukewarm water

1- Start by spray painting your pumpkins so that they are all white (and nice and dry). Once they’re ready, pour warm water in your bowl. Then pour some nail polish (black and grey) (I think i put a bit too much and I would try next time less nail polish in a bigger bowl to have a thinner layer)

marble pumpkin steps 1

marble pumpkin steps 2

2 – With a stick (here I used a pencil) make swirls in the polish * You have to work pretty fast before it dries.

marble pumpkin steps 3

3 – Take your pumpkin and dip it in the mixture. The excess of nail polish made it kind of very thick. But the technique definitely has potential !

marble pumpkin steps 4

marble pumpkin steps 5

marble pumpkin steps 6

Second try was a bit better

marble pumpkin steps 7

Now decorate your table!

marble pumpkin-8

And make pumpkin spiice lattes and pumpkin cupcakes !

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