DIY : Ladurée Bracelet

bracelet ladurée

When I was in Paris last year for my master thesis testings I got to enjoy the city in the evenings. Like any good tourists we went to Ladurée. I brought back macaroons (obvi) and also the beautiful bag as a souvenir… but i mean… keeping pretty bags is very nice but kind of usseless. I still wanted to do something with it I couldn’t throw it out. So i took out the straps (it’s a start) and then came the idea to turn it into a bracelet. I still had this big cristal from a chandelier so i combined them and voila… a DIY Ladurée Bracelet.

DIY ladurée
You will need

Cut your Ladurée Cord to be about half the length of your wrist. Glue your your terminators to both ends.


While that’s drying, make a ring on each side of your crystal with your pins.



On one side of the cord attach the crystal with a ring. Attach the T from the toggle with the other ring.


On the other side of the cord attach 2 – 3 cm of chain at the end of which attach the ring from the toggle


And voila, your very own Ladurée Bracelet souvenir!

braceletporte2 copy braceletporte-sac copy braceletboite copy


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