DIY : jewelry holder using kitchen ingredients!

plat à bijoux marin 3

In July I participated again in the french initiative (We get a theme everymonth to create around). The theme… nautical! I had a hard time finding an original idea… I felt like everything had already been done (I mean…search nautical in pinterest… you’ll see!). But then again I was surprised by all the great projects that came out of this!

I decided to make a little jewelry holder to but in the bathroom when you wash your hands or close to your computer (I hate typing with rings on)

To make your DIY airdry clay you need:

  • 2 parts baking soda
  • one part corn startch
  • 1 ¼ parts water

etapes pates airdry

1. Measure baking soda and flour 2. Mix 3. Add water and heat 4. mix continuously, it wil make bubbles.. it’s almost ready!  5. Keep mixing until it forms a dough 6. Let it cool down before using.

To make your DIY Jewelry Holder

  1. Start by rolling out your clay and use a support to trace a circle (about 10 cm diameter)

rouler la pate2. Lift the sides up to create a little “bol” and let it dry or use a support to print little motifs in it (I used a little anchor pendant)etemper encres3. When everything is dry (overnight) you can start painting

For the striped bol I put tape down the middle and painted stripes with acrylic pain. Let it dry removed the tape and put it on again to cover the stripes. Spraypaint gold

peindre rayures plat bijoux

For the printed one I just spraypained the whole thing gold

plat à bijoux marin 2

That’s it!

I have to admit I had to remake one because when it dried it made little crack maybe make it less thick? Or put it out in the sun to dry faster? Let me know!

plat à bijoux marin 4 plat à bijoux sdb DIY plats à bijoux marin plat à bijoux marin macbook

Also I coudlnt resist making a donut one too!

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