DIY geometric multistrand necklace

collier 2

This necklace was made with my best friend in mind. When I saw the together the colors that I had chosen I realized these are the EXACT colors she always chose when we used to go to the bead stroe together. For a lot of her birthdays that’s what we did, us a a few more friends would spend the afternoon in the wonderful Ottawa bead store making necklaces and bracelets. She always ended up with blue and pink beads (but had gone through at least a dozen different colors schemes) but never knew what to do with them so she’d spend a good part of the afternoon contemplating them while we were hard at work. She often created a very simple but pretty piece of jewelry when we had to go home and finish ours.

So here’s to my BFF who has already received this necklace !

To make this geometric multistrand necklace you need:


Start by cutting the string in 13 pieces of the desired length + about 10 cm. Insert a PERLE A ECRASER (and squish it). Start putting those beads on there following this schema:

collier perles numbers

When all the beads are inserted put a crimp bead on the other end. Careful not to make it too tight of too loose)

enfiler perles

Align all your srings and cut a little pice of gold pleather on which you apply glue and close it back on the stringed beads.

embout doré colle

embout collé

Pierce 2 holes in the pleather and put the rings through them, attach your chain and voila!

bouts avec chaine

Wear it!

collier complet collier porté 1

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