DIY festive coasters

photos sous verres DIY 3

Summer is comming to Australia..and Chrismas is comming (so weird to say that in the same sentence)

Its getting hot over here and I am craving citrus and bubbles. This cocktail invited itself to the table (grapefruit icecubes, white wine, lemonade and Perrier). To honour it, some DIY coasters (gold obviously) … totally transposable to your christmas or NYE table!

I used my DIY aidry clay (same as for these little jewelry holders). Only problem is… there water soluble soooo you should probably varnish them either before painting to gold (because it can tranish it) or after (but i’m still looking for something). A spray varnish would probably be best. (in my photos no varnish has been applied)

To make your aidry clay :

etapes pates airdry

(2 parts baking soda for 1 part et 1 ¼ parts cold water)

1. Measure baking soda et flour | 2. Mix | 3. Add water and heat | 4. mix continuously, it wil make bubbles.. it’s almost ready! | 5. Keep mixing until it forms a dough 6. | Let it cool down before using. | It shouldn’t be sticky, if it is let it dry a little bit (but watch over it!)

Once it’s ready:

1- Start by tracing a circle and cutting the clay

tracer + couper rond pate

2 – Then with some tape delimit the spaces to paint (on this photo there are also the holders ;)). Spray several layers of goolldd (wait for the layers to dry before starting again)

spray paint gold sous verres

4 sous verres DIY

After a spary varnish, your DIY coasters are ready for the party!photo sous verres DIY 1 sous verres close up sous verres DIY photo 4

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