DIY copper and wood bracelet holder

DIT porte bracelet 3

Here is a DIY copper and wood bracelet holder to make this weekend to greet ALL THE DIY bracelets I will be posting throughout next week! When I saw this magazine rack I absolutely had to make something similar… and so this was born a copper and wood bracelet holder!You will find everything you need at the hardware store for about 20$. And if you’re lucky (like I was) the nice man will cut up your wood pieces for you!

Let’s get started!

You need:

DIY copper bracelet holder

In the plumbing department:

  • 4 copper elbow pieces
  • 4 copper “t” pieces
  • 4 copper ends

In the wood department:

  • one long piece of wood the same diameter as your copper  (2 x 50 cm, 4 x 15 cm , 2 x 10 cm)

+ strong glue

*Once i was finished i thought it would have been nice to have to back part taller to put necklaces on. For that  two of the 15 cm pieces should have been 20/25 cm.

1- Insert your “t”s onto your 2 long pieces and glue the coppers ends… to the ends!

DIY copper bracelet holder-4

Both times I somehow got one super easy one to insert and the other one SUPER HARD. I had to make a screwing motion to get it in so it kind of damaged the wood…weird.

2- Put glue on the copper elbows and on the small pieces of wood

DIY copper bracelet holder-2

3- Let dry 30 minutes (follow your glue instructions if different than mine) and make two “u” shapes.DIY copper bracelet holder-5

DIY copper bracelet holder-6

4. Assemble the bracelet holder!

DIY copper bracelet holder-7

Now just cover in bracelets! (stay tuned for lots coming next week!)


porte bracelet DIY

DIY bracelet holder 2

DIY bracelet holder

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