DIY Clutch (cross stitch)

avec cafe kohlipe copy

My embroidered clutch… I made it last year but still love it just as much… It’s the only bag I took for my 1 year trip around australia!
Let me tell you it’s story first.

I stumble upon this photo from ispydiy :

This little corner of a bag just looks SO cute! Looking closer I see it looks like cross stitching “I can make that!” And here begins the adventure..


I draw this pattern:

idee pattern cross stitch copy

After a day of working on our masters thesis in convince my partner to try this with me… kind of had no choice sh’es sleeping over and i’m making her go to the store tomorrow.”Don’t worry it won’t take long… like 5 hours” she says..”ok cool… we get up early, we do this in the morning and then get back to work” LOL. 5 hours later we’ve made like 3 square cm… we’ll probably be done in… 127 hours….

progression point de croix

About 127 hours later… it’s DONE and ready to come to australia!

Cross stitch is really not very hard…even relaxing! I was kind of embarrassed to do it in public but as it started looking like something I did it on the bus going to work. Older ladies smiled little kids looked intrigued. I also did it during the summer on the beach

a la plage

I didn’t make an actual cross stitch there are so many online (like this video)

I kind of didn’t follow my pattern exactly (oopsy) so here’re what i actually did:

point de croix actual patern good one

The embroidery threads used:

  • red : DMC#606 x 3
  • white : x 2
  • yellow
  • peach : DMC #3341 x (3 or 4)
  • flashy blue : DMC #3843
  • dark blue: random
  • greenish/yellow (in the middle) : random one
  • pink : DMC #600
  • turquoise
  • mint
  • green for the corners : random

+ 1 rectangle of embroidery fabric

+ 1m20 of chain

+ 3 rectangles of fabric same size as your embroidery (+ 1,5 cm hem allowance)

+ 18 cm zip

Making the clutch

Once the embroidery is finished… the worst is over! Only have to sew it all together! I used a simple thick coton red outisde, yellow inside.

And followed this tutorial to make it. I only added little “tubes” folded on themselved so i could attach the chain.

coudre attaches

Leave enough space to flip your clutch at the end, it does get pretty bulky.


The there you go, your DIY clutch is ready to go out!

sac et cafe

sac porté 2 copy

sac final 2 copy

sac final 1 copy


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