DIY : Chic pleated skirt


I found this fabric coupon at least a year ago (even more?). It’s actually fabric to opacify curtains but it was soft and I liked the textre. I asked the sales lady if I could make a skirt out of it and she answered very sharply : “it’s been done…”

Well I tried it and yes… it is possible!

Here’s what you need to make this pleated skirt:

  • a piece of fabric the size of your waist (+ 30 cm)
  • a large elastic (here 4cm) the size of our waist (- 10 cm)
  • sewing machine and thread!

diy pleated skirt (1 of 5) diy pleated skirt (2 of 5)

  1. Make the pleats in your fabric using about 2 cm on each side and pin in place. I made 4. I couldn’t tell you exactly le measurements between then I kind of went trial and arror on this one (always). I made them kind of “grouped”, 2 in front, 2 in the back. Then make a simple stitch across the top to hold the pleats

diy pleated skirt (3 of 5)

Then, sew the elastic by stretching it (that’s why it has to be shorter) while you sew with a sigzag stitch (careful to make the stretch equal all around)

diy pleated skirt (4 of 5)

Then “close the skirt” by stitching from the elastic all the way down (on the inside of course) and simple hem on the bottom!

diy pleated skirt (5 of 5)

And voila! It’s ready for it’s beg debut!

DSC03986 copie2 bon-gif

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