DIY Bead embroidered necklace

collier zoom angle

In june, perles & co threw a theme for a creative contest… Animal! For a while now I had this idea in mind to make an eagle necklace…. Probably since last summer and the Shourouk Paris. craze. I’m really getting into bead embroidery so this was a great opportunity … embroider an eagle with beads! Unfortunately I didn’t win but… you win the tutorial!

You need:

Step 1:

tracer contour

Cut out eagle template here (or whatever shape you like!)

Step 2:

I used these embroidery images to help me!

broder buggle beads etapes-broderie-aigle-diy

  • I started by embroidering the outside of the body in gold miyuki beads
  • Then I sewed the gold bugle beads to the top side by side
  • Then a lign on black beads
  • Trace triangles and follow them sewing copper beads
  • Black lign
  • Bugle beads again

Step 3

coudre chaine

With embroidery thread and a needle, sew you chain to the bottom of the eagle leaving about 15 cm at the top to create the “necklace part”. I first tried with sewing thread and my regular needle but it was just not working, much easier with embroidery thread.

Attach the clasp of your choice to the end of the chain and glue sequins in the triangles.

and you’re done! Also if you want your necklace to be more sturdy, I’d suggest gluing a piece of felt to the back

collier entier collier aigle de coté aigle de haut

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