DIY : Little gold and mint boat

petit beteau + nails SIF

A little cute DIY today! A few weeks ago I went to a really nice DIY store in Brussels. It was having one thoe big sales and these diy supplies can get pricey so I jumped on the occasion promising myself to spend maximum 20 euros. I had to buy a few fils broderie to complete a project I’m working on so that didn’t leave a whole lot of budget. But when I saw this little origami style cardboard boat I couldn’t leave without it. Walking around the store (for aaages) I found this beautiful piece of mint colored kind of art deco tissue paper. The kind of thing that’s just so pretty but I never know what to do with… until I combined the two with leftover gold sheets from another project!

matériel bateau

You need:

  • a carboat boat
  • gold sheets
  • tissue paper
  • glue (i had fancy glue but ended up just using modge podge style glue)
  • a paintbrush

The project itself is fairly simple. Put glue on the boat, glue pieces of tissue paper that are about the size of the area to cover. I tried to have the pattenr kind of align (but no stress).

Same goes for the gold sheets (but they’re kind of more complicated)

colle bateau

before and after boat

And then there were pieces of gold everytwhere so I just put them on my nails with some topcoat under and over!

ongles en cours DIY SIF

And I just couldn’t resist wearing my petit bateau sweater for the photo!

petit beateau sweat SIF

petit bateau 1 SIF

petit bateau mint doré



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