DIY : Fringe Necklace

collier franges suedine (1 of 4) copy

I always feel a little but awkward when i make DIY’s inspired by ‘real jewelry’ but then i tell myself I’m actually getting you to know to brand behind it and for those of you who want to create rather than buy… there’s the tutorial!

So today I am presenting the creator Gaelle Quéméneur whom I discovered a long time ago (27 months says instagram) because of a photo of one of here necklaces posted by Baidelangoue who is also a creator of bags and accessories… See how it all connects?

I loved the original necklace and I’m really happy about how my DIY turned out. It’s perfect for fall, very pocahontas chic.

You will need :

*I used “gold filled” materials to get a longer lasting gold

fringe necklace steps

The steps for this DIY a pretty easy:

  1. Cut pieces of the fringe ribbon in different lengths: 1 long, 1 medium, 1 short for the center piece and 2 others of the same length for the sides (i did the same size as the smallest one)
  2. Cut a piece of thread (pretty long) and wrap it around several times at the beginning of your piece (leaving a longish piece to tie off) and start wrapping it around to make little crosses. I left une fringe in between each cross.
  3. When you get to the end, wrap the thread 2 – 3 times and using a threading needle if you have one, go back under with the thread and tie a knot. Do the same with the thread at the beginning.
  4. When all your pieces are ready you can create your center piece by glueing the medium piece to the big one and the small piece onto the medium one.
  5. Insert your crimp ends and tighten them with plyers.
  6. Link the crimp ends togother with your rings and attach chain and clasp.

Voila !

collier franges suedine (4 of 4) copy

collier frange etapes coller + chaine (22 of 23) copy

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